CH Seirene Devil In Disguise “Venla”
seal tortie spayed female, BUR f
DOB 14.02.2004

Venla is from Elsa’s and Toope’s only litter. She was ment to be sold abroad, but afterElsa was spayed I decided to keep Venla myself. She is very typy and was shown a couple of times at younger age. After gaining CH title she showed my that her place is at home, not at show arenas. She had two litters and her offspring has produced me very nice kittens.


Wild Angel’s Valenok of Seirene “Vallu”
brown male , BUR n
DOB 30.11.2011
breeder: Elena Korotaeva, Russia

Some years I had been dreaming about an American Burmese and finally 2012 my dream came true. Vallu is everything you can wish for: beautiful, sweet, lovely tempered, he has a wonderful silky coat , golden eyes and last but not least, his pedigree is different from all other  Burmese in Europe. Vallu is co-owned by Enjoy cattery and he lives in Tampere under Hilda’s careful eyes in Isä-Brownin cattery.  Vallu has now sired his first litters and I am very excited. Thank you Elena and Vladimir for this gorgeous boy.


FIN*Seirene pandora “PanDA”
brown female, BUR n
DOB 27.11.2012

Panda is out of Emmi’s and Vallu’s litter.
I planned to place her in co-ownership, but it looked like it was impossible to find such a home. Finally when I found a few such homes, I couldn’t give away my precious gem. Panda is an almost perfect copy of her father. Not only in her looks, but also in temper. I plan to have at least one litter with her.