In loving memory

FIN*Hokkuspokkus Elemmírë “Emmi”

09.06.2008 – 14.09.2014

Emmi was born the same night as my beloved Elsa passed away. Her name Elemmírë means the brightest star created by Gilthoniel. She was as wild as her great grandmother Elsa in nature, she looked at me with her big golden eyes and she was simply adorable!

PR & CH Why Forget Prince Hamlet “Moppe”

28.12.1999  -27.10.2012

Moppe was a cat with heart of gold. He charmed and loved everybody except his on an only rival Ronja. Moppe was extreme typy and he passed on his looks and temper to many of his offsprings. Moppe crossed the rainbow bridge in October 2012, far too early.

EP & EC SW01 WW02 Seirene Ronja rövardotter “Ronja, Ronsku”

20.7.1997 – 17.1.2011

FIFe World Winner 2002
FIFe Scandinavian Winner 2001
5 x Cat of the Year in Finland

Ronja was one of the brightest stars among all Burmese in Europe. She was not only beautiful but wonderful also in her temper. Beloved and so much missed…Never forget you, dear princess..

S*Lovestory’s Quendi Gilthoniel “Elsa”

27.7.2001 – 9.6.2008

Everybody who learned to know Elsa fell in love with her expressive eyes and unique personality. Her name means “Queen of the Stars” and she was a true elve cat. Words can´t describe her, she was something very special…I´m sure she´s watching us now from the Elveland with her big elven eyes and then she jumps and runs away with her golden mouse in the mouth. We miss her very, very much…

EC Misuela Evelina “Lina, Lilli “

6.10.1995 – 5.10.2006

Cat of the Year in Finland 1996
Best Burmese in Finland 1996 & 1997
Best shorthair at TUROK  1996, 1997

Lina was a true burmese with beautiful looks and friendly character. She will always have a special place in my heart and gladly I got her lines back from our Danish import.

GIP & IC Shanin Mindze “Vinku”

13.3.1994 – 15.2.2001

Vinku was my first Burmese and in the same time first cat. Thanks to him, I fell in love with this silky coated breed and also cat fancy. Vinku was one of the smartest cats and he had some very special manners. Vinku loved Ronja, same coloured as they were.